Antonio is the real McCoy. He’s a singer who has the experience most stars would dream of. I’ve called on him to coach singers for indie projects as well as singers who are Grammy Award winning artists. You really can’t go wrong with this guy.

-CheChe Alara (Grammy Winning Producer)
Antonio Sol is a Los Angeles established singer, songwriter, producer, vocal arranger/coach for productions globally recognized. He’s contributed to over 75 major productions, some of which have won Emmy Awards, People’s Choice Awards, American Music Awards, Grammy Awards, World Music Awards, BAFTA Awards and Oscars.

He's been a “go to” for Dancing with the Stars (ABC), American Idol (FOX/ABC), Glee (FOX), Elena of Avalor, Coco (Pixar), The Lorax (Universal), The Gap, Honda, Ford, The Oscars, The Grammy’s, The Emmy’s and artists Michael Buble, Justin Timberlake, Seal, Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Celia Cruz, Zedd, Mary J. Blige, Chris Stapleton, Herbie Hancock, Dave Mathews, Faith Hill, Ricky Martin and among others Lady Gaga.

Antonio brings a scorching musical talent/skillset and expertise to any level of production that includes song delivery or vocal performance and has an ability to creatively add to the highest of levels in entertainment.




TV/COMMERCIAL/FILM/VIDEO GAMES                                             American Idol           Seasons(s) 11,12       On Camera Principle (house band)    American Idol           Season(s) 5,7,8,9,10   Off Camera Vocalist                 Dancing with the Stars  Season(s) 1-17         On Camera Principle (300+ episodes) Everybody Hates Chris   Season 3                On Camera Vocalist                     Shake it Up             Jingle it Up Ep.       On Camera Principle                     The Tonight Show        Episode #20.63         On Camera Principle w/Chris Issak       The Tonight Show        Episode #20.167        On Camera Principle w/Cee Lo Green      The Tonight Show        Episode #203           On Camera Principle w/Neil Young      Wayne Brady Hour        Season 1               On Camera Principle               America’s Got Talent    Season(s) 3,4,6        Off Camera Vocalist                Arrested Development    Season(s) 1/DVD        Off Camera Vocalist                  Boston Legal            Season(s) 4,5          Off Camera Vocalist                   Elena Of Avalor         Season 1               Off Camera Vocalist                   Glee                    Season 1/soundtrack    Off Camera Vocalist                 Maximum Bob             Season 1               Off Camera Vocalist                  Modern Family           Season 2 Episode 4     Off Camera Vocalist                     One on One              Season 1               Off Camera Vocalist                    11th annual A Home for the Holidays            On Camera Vocalist w/Faith Hill        12th annual A Home for the Holidays            On Camera Vocalist w/Ricky Martin & Nelly 65th annual Emmys                              Off Camera Vocalist-Choreograph Perf.  66th annual Emmy’s                             On Camera Vocalist with Weird Al Yankovic 52nd annual Grammy Award Ceremonies            On Camera Vocalist w/Dave Mathews Band  1st annual Lady of Soul Awards                 On Camera Vocalist w/Maxwell            3rd annual Latin Grammy Award Ceremonies       On Camera Vocalist w/Celia Cruz        14th annual Latin Grammy Award Ceremonies      On Camera Vocalist w/Miguel Bosé       41st annual NAACP Award Ceremonies             On Camera Vocalist w/John Legend/The Roots 7th annual TV Land Awards                      On Camera Vocalist w/multiple artists  58th Annual Grammy Awards                      On Camera Vocalist /Contractor w/Lady Gaga The Oscars (2016)                              On Camera Vocalist /Contractor w/Lady Gaga Canal+ (Paris, FR)      Variety Show           On Camera Vocalist w/Maxwell            The Gap                 Commercial             Principle vocalist (Everybody in Leather)  The Gap                 Commercial             Principle vocalist (Everybody in Cords) The Gap                 Commercial             Principle vocalist (Everybody In Vests) Burger King             Commercial              Off Camera Vocalist (spain)           Clash of the Choirs     Commercial             Off Camera Vocalist                   Coors                   Commercial             Off Camera Vocalist (latin America)    Ford Mustang            Commercial             Off Camera Vocalist (AI campaign) Budweiser               Commercial              Off Camera Vocalist                     Old Navy                Commercial             Off Camera Vocalist                   Nissan                  Commercial             Off Camera Vocalist Summer Savings       Bud Platinum            Commercial             Off Camera Vocalist Zedd Find You        Jack in the Box         Commercial             Off Camera Vocalist Carne con Tocino  Honda                   Commercial             Off Camera Vocalist Happy Honda Days Walmart Soundcheck      DVD/internet           On Camera Principle w/Enrique Iglesias    A Fountain For Susan    Film/soundtrack        Off Camera Vocalist                   Annie (2014)            Film                   Off Camera Vocalist Divergent               Film                   Off Camera Vocalist                     Bad Santa               Film                   On Camera Vocalist                 Jurassic World          Film                   Off Camera Vocalist                     Men in Black 3          Film                   Off Camera Vocalist                   Night at the Museum 2Film                   Off Camera Vocalist                      Oz The Great & Powerful Film                   Off Camera Vocalist                  Planes DISNEY           Film                   Off Camera Vocalist(El Chupacabra)       Real Steel               Film                   Off Camera Vocalist                     The Lorax               Film                   Off Camera Vocalist                    COCO Pixar              Film                   Off Camera Vocalist(De La Cruz)          Crash Twinsanity        Videogame               Off Camera Vocalist                  Mystic Manor            Videogame              Off Camera Vocalist                      No One Lives Forever    Videogame/Soundtrack   Off Camera Vocalist                                                                           


American Idol ABC       Season 1               Vocal Coach

The Four FOX            Season 1               Vocal Coach

American Idol FOX       Season 15              Vocal Coach                          American Idol FOX       Season 14              Vocal Coach                        American Idol FOX       Season 13              Vocal Coach                               A Mary Christmas        Sound Recording        Vocal Coach for Mary J Blige       American Idol LIVE      Tour Season 8          BG Vocals/Vocal Arranger           American Idol LIVE      Tour Season 9          BG vocals/Vocal Arranger           American Idol LIVE      Tour Season 10         Vocal Director and Arranger        American Idol LIVE      Tour Season 11         Vocal Director and Arranger        American Idol LIVE      Tour Season 12         Vocal Director and Arranger         Dancing with the Stars  LIVE US tour           Section Leader/Vocal arranger    BACKSTREET BOYS         2016 at the AXIS       Vocal Coach                       Disneyland 60th Anniv   TV Special             Vocal Coach/Contractor/Producer        Zedd                    Find You”             Vocalist/Arranger/Director             COCO                    Disney/Pixar film      Vocal Coach           Divergent               Film                   Arranger/Choral Director


Ernie Smith             My African Heart WB    Vocalist and Arranger                Jackie Evancho          O Holy Night SONY      Group Vocalist                     Jonathan Butler         Jonathan               Vocalist and Arranger              Jonathan Butler         The Worship Project    Vocalist and Arranger               Michael Buble           Call Me Irresponsible   Group Vocalist                        Sheryl Crow             100 Miles From Memphis Group Vocalist                        Teena Marie             La Doña                Group Vocalist                       Andrea Bocelli          My Christmas           Group Vocalist                         Zedd                    Find You               Solo/Group Vocalist/Arranger/Director Elena Of Avalor         soundtrack             Vocalist                              Steve Vai               Modern Primitive       Vocalist/Contractor                Jonathan Butler         Living My Dream        Vocalist                             Coréon Du               Binario                Vocalist                           American Idol Season 11 Top Ten Highlights      Vocalist                                Men in Black 3          Film Soundtrack        Vocalist                                 Dr Seuss’ The Lorax     Film Soundtrack        Vocalist                             Planes                  Film Soundtrack        Vocalist                               Muse                    2nd Law                Vocalist                              Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithonian   Vocalist                               Idols Singing Idols                            Vocalist                              Steve Vai               The Story Of Light     Vocalist                           Arrested Development    soundtrack             Vocalist                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


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